"Santa, Santa, Santa", performance by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK), 2017

"Santa, Santa, Santa" is the first performance by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) from the cycle of "No Matter World Tour".

The performance took place at the St. Peter's Square in Vatican, Rome, at the 12.11.2017.

The issue of artwork was church criticism. In the direct way of the artist one could say: "the church is holy on the one side and fucks you on the other side".

It is also a good example of Bieniek's ability to focus and to follow his oevre of "Doublefaced" (that means ambivalence in any sense of it) in any possible media and artistic language.


The next peformance of the "No Matter World Tour" will take place in january 2018 in Athens (Greece)

"Santa, Santa, Santa", performance video:

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