"Appearing Faces" by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK), 2018

The paintings from the "Appearing Faces" series, just like those from the "Unseen Faces" series, simply "appeared", hence the name, albeit in a completely different way and in a completely different style.


For Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) this is very special and especially important to paint, because he is deeply convinced that images are created in the mind and painting is not there to represent what is seen anyway outside, but what is recognized in the invisible not to say is recognized. For him painting must be not a form of representation but an interpretation, more an oracle than an object.

The 2018 completed series includes 9 paintings, each in the size of 24 x 30 cm. and painted with acrylic on canvas.

Appearing Face No. 1 - Appearing Face No. 9

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