Perfect Circles by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK), 2013-2016

"Perfect Circles" is a series of 26 Bieniek-Text artworks by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK). Most of them are painted with black letters on the back side of the canvas.
The reason for it is the metaphor of the massage of the arzworks which is often very ambivalent. So the form shall be a manifestation of the same ambivalent idea (back side is on the front side / upside down) like the content itself.


The textworks were made 2013-2016.

“Bieniek Did It Before” by Sebastian Bieniek​ (B1EN1EK​), 2013. Oil & acryl on canvas. 120 cm. x 150 cm. From the series “Perfect Circles​” (No. 1).

The work above and the No. 6 ("Western Perspective On The East") are the only exeption. All other textworks from the series are painted on the back side of the canvas.

Perfect Circles No. 2 - No. 10.

Year 2013.

Perfect Circles No. 11 - No. 19

Year 2013 - 2014

Perfect Circle No. 20 - No. 26

Year 2014-2016

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