"Facination", series from the oeuvre of Bieniek-Paint by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK), 2014.

"Facination", series of 42 overpainted paintings and photographs from the oeuvre of Bieniek-Paint by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK). All artworks from the series were created in the year 2014.


One can see in this series the continuation of the concept of combination of photographic realism with elements from the drawing technic which the artist has already developed one year before, in his Doublefaced 2013 series.


But there are also influances from the Secondfaced series of the artist (started in 2012) which works with the theme of masks, hiding and a "second person coming from behind", and the "black hand" that is part of the "Manulisation Style" by the artist.

Because this works - as all works of Sebastian Bieniek - have been since years widely spreaded on internet, they inspired many others to redo and variate Bieniek's originals.

In 2015 for example the french designer Jacquemus created an entire "Bieniek inspired collection" that have been shown with a huge success at the Paris Fashion Week in the same year and that mainly base on the "Facination" series. One year later the Caribbean fashion designer Cecilia Devana was also inspired by this works and in 2017 the dazed & confused and 032c magazine fashion photographer Maxime Ballesteros published a book called "les absents" that is shows his work based on Bieniek's original artwork.

Facination No. 1 - No. 9

Facination No. 10 - No.18

Facination No. 19 - No. 27

Facination No. 28 - No. 37

Facination No. 38 - No. 42

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