"Manualism" by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK), 2015.

"Manualism" is a series of overpainted photographs by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK).

It is part of the "Bieniek-Hand" field in which the artist is working since 1996. The sujet of this artworks are black hands that mostly come from behind to surrender a person, or which come out of a building, or come into a house from for example a window and so on.


The impression of the artworks is often described as surrealistic but also as claustrophobic or even creepy.

The first artwork of the series was made in the early year 2015. At the moment the series contains nine overpainted photographs. For the reason of the artistic technich wich is "overpainting of old original photographs" "Manualism" is also part of the Paint-over field of artworks by Sebastian Bieniek which contain overpainted photographs and paintings by the artist.

Because this works - as all works of Sebastian Bieniek - have been since years widely spreaded on internet, they inspired many others to redo and variate Bieniek's originals.

In 2015 for example the french designer Jacquemus created an entire "Bieniek inspired collection" that have been shown with a huge success at the Paris Fashion Week in the same year. One year later Caribbean fashion designer Cecilia Devana was also inspired by this works and in 2017 the dazed & confused and 032c magazine fashion photographer Maxime Ballesteros published a book called "les absents" that is shows his work based on Bieniek's original Bieniek-Hand artwork.

Manualism is also a part of the Paint-over field of artwork by Sebastian Bieniek.

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