Manualisation by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK)

The Berlin based artist Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) named a style that he invented in 1996 and since that time developed and colled "Bieniek-Hand".

The characteristic part of his "Bieniek-Hand" style are black hands which surrender, cover or embrace usually a body but also houses and other objects.

The first works of with this characteristic black hands he has already done in 1996. Futher works in 2014 followed, starting as part of the Secondfaced and Facination series and becoming later its own series.

Also this works have been since years widely preaded in the internet and inspired lot of other to redo or variate Bieniek's originals.

It inspired for example 2015 the french designer Jacquemus to make a "Bieniek inspired collection", 2016 the Caribbean fashion designer Cecilia Devana, 2017 the fashion photographer Maxime Ballesteros and many others who work in the field of art and fashion.

Until 2017 Sebastian Bieniek created four series working with the theme of Bieniek-Hand. There is is photography, painting and drawing among them.

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