"Bieniek-Face II." by Sebastian Bieniek. Since june 2017

"Bieniek-Face" is the name of a an oeuvre in which the artist Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) combines technics known from the painting and such that are known from photography to create an artwork focused on the human face that is usually discibed as "bizzare", "creepy" or just "irritating".


Since 2012 Bieniek created seventeen series of "Bieniek-Face" and more than 200 photograhs.

The "Bieniek-Face" is divided into "Bieniek-Face I" (made 2012 till june 2017) and "Bieniek-Face II." (made since june 2017)

The "Bieniek-Face" itself is part of the "Bieniek-Photo-Paint" oeuvre that is divided in "Bieniek-Body", "Bieniek-Set" and "Bieniek-Face".

Here you see the serials made since june 2017. If you want to see the previous fifteen series please click on "Bieniek-Face I."

June 2017 till...

Small Face, 2017

Underface, 2017

Coming soon...

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