"Me & My Friends" by Sebastian Bieniek, 2015

"Me & My Friends" is a Face-Paint series of photographs by Sebastian Bieniek.

It consists - despide of four photographs - of the artists self-portraits. The alltogether 34 photographs belonging to the series were made in the end of 2014 and in 2015.

In opposite to "Body-Paint" and "Set-Paint" the topic of all "Face-Paint" photographs is the human face.

Me & My Friends No. 1 - No. 9

The photographs have been published in the South-Germany largest magazine "SZ Magazin" and the desingboom magazine, the world largest magazine for art and architecture.

Me & My Friends No. 10 - No. 18

Ths photographs have been made in Paris, Berlin, Lisbon and Hongkong.

Me & My Friends No. 19 - No. 27

Me & My Friends No. 28 - No. 34


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