Doublefaced 2015

Series of 48 "Doublefaced" photographs by Sebastian Bieniek made in 2015

"Doublefaced 2015" is a series of 48 photographs from the oeuvre of Bieniek-Face by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK). It's a continuation of the "Doublefaced 2013" series, that Sebastian Bieniek started two years before.

The first (2013) serial contained 52 photographs, therefore the 2015 series starts with the photography no. 53 ("Doublefaced No. 53") and ends with the "Doublefaced No. 100".

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Photographs were made in Honk Kong, Paris, Munich, Berlin and Italy

In opposite to "Doublefaced 2013", where the models came from the personal sourrounding of Sebastian Bieniek, the "Doublefaced 2015" models are professionals and celebrities from Honk Kong, Austria, Russia, Germany Poland, Italy, Greece, Brauzil and Japan.

One can say "Doublefaced 2015" is more international, more professional and less documantery than "Doublefaced 2013".

One can also say that there is no "The Doublefaced Girl story" included, because there are to many different girls and also man to pretend there would be a main character with a certain story like it was in 2013 by he media claimed.


Also "Doublefaced 2015" were run by some topics like transgender for example (after the VOGUE NY, asked S. Bieniek for some "Doublefaced" pictures to be included in it's story of the same topic) or the theme of "hair" that was requisted by the SZ Magazin (South Germanys largest magazine) or a shooting with the Hong Kong star Joey Yung that was requested by the Hong Kong based Broadway agancy, or the photographs that were made for the Jacquemus show at the Paris Fashion Week 2015, or finally the last photography (no. 100) that was made for the Elpris music video in Italy.

Sebastian Bieniek made in this actually two years his experiences with magazines, musicians, fashion and agancies. Bieniek's Doublefaced was after two years - although the terrain shifted - still a hype.

January 2015. Celbrities from Vienna posing for Doublefaced

The buisinessman Martin Ho, the manager Rudi Kobza and the art-expert and collector Yasmina Grabner from Vienna posing at Bieniek's studio for "Doublefaced No. 53", "No. 60" "No. 62" and "No. 63" (set 1).




Set 1. Doublefaced No. 53 - No. 63





- Set 1 -

February 2015, photo shooting for SZ Magazin

Photographs shooted in february 2015 for the SZ Magazin. The topic of the series was "hair".


(Set 2 & 3)




Set 2. Doublefaced No. 54 - 96





 - Set 2 -

On the 24th of april 2015 five "Doublefaced 2015" and two "Me & My Friends" photographs by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) were published in South Germanys largest magazine SZ Magazin in an edition of more than 1.000.000 printed magazines.

Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) assisted by Kalle von Karl during the SZ Magazin photo shooting at Sebastian Bieniek's studio

Photographs shooted for SZ Magazine (set 2 & 3)





Set 3. Doublefaced No. 59 - No. 88





- Set 3 -

March 2015, at the Paris Fashion Week, Doublefaced featuring Jacquemus collection.

In february 2015 Sebastian Bieniek was invited by the french fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus for an collabrion at the Paris Fashion Week 2015 in Paris.

01.03.2015, Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) and Simon Porte Jacquemus in Jacquemus atelier in Paris.

The photographs (set 4) of B1EN1EK's Doublefaced models of the show got a world wide media coverage and helped Jacquemus to get a day later the prestigious LVMH prize.



Set 4. Doublefaced No. 77 - No. 83





- Set 4 -

Mai 2015, photo shooting in Hong Kong with Joey Yung

Im mai 2015 the Hong Kong based agancy Broadway invited Sebastian Bieniek to make a photo shooting with Joey Yung one of the best known and popular Hong Kong based chinese singers (set 5).

In Hong Kong B1EN1EK made also photographs with the Hong Kong based russian model Sveta Barbachakova.

Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK), 2015, photo shooting with Joey Yung, Hong Kong.






Set 5. Doublefaced No. 65 - No. 86






- Set 5 -

Summer 2015, Doublefaced goes transgender in collaboration with the VOGUE

In the summer of 2015 the VOGUE NY contacted Sebastian Bienienk (B1EN1EK) for an collaboration. The magazine needed photographs for a transgender story.

In the following weeks B1EN1EK met some "male to female" and "female to male" models and made photographs with them.

Set 6. Doublefaced No. 67 - No. 76





- Set 6 -

August 2015, Doublefaced on the japanes TV / NIPPON TV

In august 2015 B1EN1EK made japanese TV stars and a german model on japanse TV "ITTEQ - Let's’ challenge the World" doublefaced.
This show was seen by 20.000.000 japanese viewers in 2015 (set 7).

Set 7. Doublefaced No. 89 - No. 99


- Set 7 -

The last "Doublefaced" photographs were made during an documantiation for the arte Journal TV and a music video making that was based on B1EN1EK's work. The making of the video for the italian band Elpris took plase in the city of Macerata (set 8).

Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) documentation on arte Journal. The europaen culture TV.

In the documantation that was 2016 broadcasted on the european culture TV arte, B1EN1EK makes some of his last Doublefaced photographs in front of the video-camera.

➔ ➔ ➔ See the video

Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) makes the last Doublefaced photography ("Doublefaced No. 100"). Macerata/Italy.






Set 8. Doublefaced No. 91 - No. 100






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