"Bi-Faced" by Sebastian Bieniek, 2014

"Bi-Faced" is a "Face-Paint" series of 32 "photographs by Sebastian Bieniek, made in 2014 in and around the city of Berlin.

It is after "Secondfaced" and "Doublefaced 2013" the third series in the field of "Face-Paint" by Sebastian Bieniek.

In opposite to "Body-Paint" and "Set-Paint" the topic of all "Face-Paint" photographs is the human face.

Bi-Faced No. 1 - No. 9

Bi-Faced No. 10 - No. - No. 18

This work shows more than any other "Face-Paint" work by Bieniek, that his work are gates to connect the reality with a playful world of fantasy and childhood. It has this free spirit of liberty that children have.

Bi-Faced No. 19 - No. 27

One can feel that everything is allowed, possible and that everything is good.

Therefore this serial is may be the most playful of all "Face-Paint" series Sebastian Bieniek have made.

Bi-Faced No. 28 - No. 32


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