"Bi-Body" by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK), 2017.

"Bi-Body" is a series of photographs by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) from the oeuvre of Bieniek-Body. It's an ongoing series which contains at the moment ten photographs made in 2017.

The first three photographs of the series were made in the famous Berlin Theater Schaubühne. The model was the renown german actor Lars Eidinger. This photographs were made the june 2017.

Follwing seven photographs were also made in Berlin. The models were Kalle von Karl and Thomas Christians. 

The topic of the artworks is the visualisation of two genders on one body.

"Bi-Body" is Bieniek's third series of field of Bieniek-Body in which he combines the technics of painting/drawing and photography.

The Berlin based artist is also working on this technic focused on the human face (Bieniek-Face) and the setting (Bieniek-Set)

Bi-Body No. 1 - No. 3 (model: Lars Eidinger)

Bi-Body No. 4 - No. 6

Bi-Body No. 7 - No. 10

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