"Man On Canvas" by Sebastian Bieniek, 2013-2016

Series of 16 photographs by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK), from the oeuvre of Bieniek-Body. The photographs were made between 2013 and 2016. Because the most were made in 2014 it's titeled 2014.

This is the first series from the field of "Bieniek-Body" that Sebastian Bieniek made. It's a combination of technics known from painting and photography.

In opposite to "Bieniek-Set" and "Bieniek-Face" the theme of the works is the human body.

Man On Canvas No. 1 - No. 9

Man On Canvas No. 10 - No. 16


"The multi-faceted German artist, filmmaker, author Sebastian Bieniek has been operating prolifically for nearly two decades now. His work often lies in an indefinable space, partly photographic, sculptural, or performative. In his latest set of photographs, “Man On Canvas,” Bieniek features individuals’ limbs forcefully jammed through blank canvases. The series of unusual portraits frame disembodied hands, feet and arms in a wide-shot that provides spacial context; “the surrounding is part of the plan,” he states. By the simple use of two components and the expectations attached – a blank canvas, a human – the humorous and literal nature of “Man on Canvas” succeeds.

“Identity matters, each of them is telling a story,” explains Bieniek, concerning the subjects involved. “It’s really hard to say if they are artists or not. It depends on the definition of art, but I would say yes, they are artists.” He rethinks the portrait; visage is de-emphasized while focus is drawn to the lack or presence of personal affects – watches, sleeves, shoes, laces – and how the individual holds their limbs. The subject of identity is extended when we consider one’s relation to art, viewership, and expressions on canvas. “At the end I make the decision,” explains Bieniek, speaking to the subjects’ participation in the series. He also intends to exhibit them as photographs."

By theendofbeing.com, 5/18/2014.

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