Sebastian Bieniek (vita, short-version)

Sebastian Bieniek born 1975 in Poland, moved 1997 to study under the performance artist Marina Abramovic and the swiss conceptual artist John M. Armleder art to Braunschweig.


2002 he became the highest ranked Meisterschüler of the University of Art Berlin judged by Georg Baselitz, Rebecca Horn and Katharina Sieverding.


His best known artworks are radical performances, conceptual paintings which have often a humorous and ambivalent massage and so called Doublefaced photographs, where he also works with in the field of humor, ambivalence and illusion. In his own words: „When the real looks like fake and the fake looks like real“ is his oeuvre.


2015 "The Culture Trip Magazine" selected Sebastian Bieniek as one of the "Top 5 Influential Contemporary Berlin-Based Artists".


Bieniek’s work has recently been exhibited in Views (Kingdom of Bahrain,), The Imitation of the Imitation (Potemka Gallery, Leipzig), The Melancholy of Elefphants (Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin), Doublefaced (Centro Cultural PUCE, Quito/Equador) and at the Art Basel Miami in Florida.


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