Sebastian Bieniek (vita)

Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) born 30. march 1975 is especially known for the "BTPWBT", which became the most expensive artwork by a living artist. Other well know works by the Berlin based artist is the "Birdshit on Gold" series. 


B1EN1EK began to study art by the serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic and the swiss conceptual artist John M. Armleder at the art Braunschweig University of Art in 1996. Since 1998 he continued to study art at the Berlin University of the Arts by Prof. Katharina Sieverding. In 2002 he left the University with the degree of a "Meisterschüler". 

His first works that got a medial attantion were radical performances and conceptual paintings created in 1999. This works were often humorous and ambivalent in its meaning.  

Futher artworks were so called Textartworks created since 2012 and photographs since 2013. Some series of this photographs (called Bieniek-Face) which were - like his earlier works - about ambiguity, became internationally well known. In the same year B1EN1EK created the at the beginning mentioned "Birdshit on Gold" series. 

Since 2014 he translated the theme of Doublefaces into painting by creating the oeuvre of Bieniek-Paint and Bieniek Half-Face. At the same time he developed on own oeuvre based on the topic of a hand, called Bieniek-Hand.

In 2019 he enlarged his artwork with the oeuver of "1003 Faces", "Heiligenbilder" (ger. for icons/holy paintings), "Barriertape-Art" and at its climax the "BTPWBT".


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