2016 Sebastian Bieniek cooperation with Elpris for its Music Video in Italy

In Late Oktober 2016 Sebastian Bieniek collaborated with the italien filmmakers Giulia & Gianluca Grandinetti, and the music band Elpris to create a video for their new album Animali Alieni.


The video was made in an museum in the italian city of Macherata.


Further members of the film crew were Nikola Brunelli, Giuseppe Puocci, Marco Mondaini, Rodolfo Salustri, Alessandra Principi, Andrea Mei, Paolo Ojetti, and Massimiliano Peppoloni.


The video was part of the official selection of the BFFF video festival in Berlin 2017.

Sebastian Bieniek during the making of the video:

The Elpris Animali Alieni video including Sebastian Bieniek's artwork

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